How Cloonacool Got their Colours

On to 1950 a landmark in the history of the club, for it was only then that they got their first set of jerseys. Up until that jerseys were always borrowed from other clubs for games. How were the colours chosen? I often wondered did the club officers spend hours poring over glossy brochures. did they make numerous phone calls to get the best bargain or try and get a three year sponsorship deal with some of the local business people like Pat McGuiness (the cobbler), Lizzy and Molly Henry(in the shop at the corner) or Beezie McHughs 'supermarket' next door to it. No way, things were much simpler back then. Renewed interest and activity within the club had prompted its members to make a determined effort to keep the show on the road this time around. So the first things first, every club needs its own set of colours if it wants a unique identity. But just like now jerseys didn't grow on trees, so a number of dances were organised by Tom (the tailor) Gallagher and Pat 'Phil' Durcan. The proceeds were pooled to buy socks and boots in Hendersons, Tubbercurry. Jerseys were more difficult to come by, Fr O'Donnell, then the club chairman was designated the job (since he had a car) and off he headed to Byrons of Castlerea. On arriving there he found that they had only one set of colours left - the blue and saffron of Roscommon. He hadn't much difficulty then in choosing, and that's how the Cloonacool colours came to be!