1980 - Here We Go

Myles McIntyre, PRO (RIP) - An Articles taken from the Sligo GAA Year Book, 1979/80

January 1978, the present GAA club was formed in Cloonacool. A beginning it was, but also the end result of factors that connect the present with the past

The emigration of the 60's turned about and left a sufficient number of potential footballers. Men like Bill Henry, Joe Leonard, Paud O'Donnell and Micheal Rowley with football in their blood kept the idea of a local team alive. Sean Hunt's eagerness to see a team in Cloonacool was the spark which changed possibility and dreams to reality.

Sean is now chairman, John McIntyre is secretary and Patrick McIntyre treasurer. Walter Brennan donated jerseys and the use of the field. Dick Lang presented a set of gloves after witnessing the team's first game.

What of the team? There is reason for hope. After two seasons of mixed fortune and twenty competitive matches, raw enthusiasm gradually acquired skill and cunning. Young men like Michael Lang, John McCarrick, John Gavaghan, Ignatius Henry and Noel and Jerry Mullarkey are all maturing as players together

The experience of Tim Snee, Tomy Towey and Myles McIntyre will be available as the other players mature. There is a sound core of older players, stalwarts like Kevin Brett, Martin Brennan, Chris O'Brien and Joe Leonard.

All together there seems to be no reason why the wearing of the yellow and blue will not continue to improve. 1980 here will come.