Cloonacool GAA 5km Road Race Results

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T.J. McHugh of Mayo AC won the inaugural Cloonacool 5km in a time of 16:35, a time that may stand for some time as a course record. On a day where the rain threatened but never really materialised about 120 people went to the start line between the 5km event and the walking event.

McHugh led from start to finish and was followed home by his Mayo AC team mate Anto Devaney in a time of 17:10, David Kearins of Sligo AC followed hot on his heels in 17:16.

The top 10 positions were filled with an even spread of 4 from Mayo AC and 4 from Sligo AC, the other 2 positions were filled by local Cloonacool men Michael and Bill Carty.

The ladies race was led home by another Cloonacool local, Mari Johnston, in a time of 19:38. She was followed in by Ann Hunter of Dunshaughlin AC in 21:38 and Mary McHugh of Galway City Harriers (GCH) in 21:36.

A number of duels were battled out over the flat 5km course, a 3 way foot race came down to the wire between Brian Towey, Brendan Keenan and John Johnston. The stopwatch couldn\'t separate them but Brian\'s beard saw him cross first. Ronan Leonard put in a blistering finish to burn off Pat Hayes over the final 30 meters.

In the kids race Owen Carty raced home first in a great time of 20:27 over the shorter 4.3 km course. He might be one to watch in the future.

Even the walkers got in on the act with Lucy Ross and Michael Seery stride for stride down the home straight to cross the line together in 29:27.

After athletes finished this out and back course they were refreshed with buns, cakes and all manner of nice goodies washed down by gallons of tea.

Thanks to all who helped out to make this a successful event.

Mens results
1718T.J. McHughMMayo AC16:35
2746Anto DevaneyMMayo AC17:10
3723David KearinsMSligo AC17:16

Ladies results
1778Mari JohnstonFCloonacool19:38
2707Ann HunterFDunshaughlin AC21:28
3711Mary McHughFG C H22:06

Junior results
1775Eoin CartyJCloonacool20:33
2777Kate CartyJCloonacool AC26:05
3774Tara CartyJCloonacool26:20
3709Aaroon MolyanJCloonacool26:42
Overall results
1718T.J. McHughMMayo AC16:35
2746Anto DevaneyMMayo AC17:10
3723David KearinsMSligo AC17:16
4722Stephen FinnaganMSligo AC17:45
5721Conal SextonMSligo AC18:30
6719David HuaneMMayo AC18:43
7703Michael CartyMCloonacool18:48
8716Enda DineenMSligo AC19:10
9761Bill CartyMCloonacool19:14
10754Tom HuntMMayo AC19:19
11778Mari JohnstonFCloonacool19:38
12760Damian WalshMTourlestrane19:51
13706Ian HunterMRatoath AC20:23
14737Brian ToweyMCloonacool20:47
15773Brendan KeenanMCloonacool20:47
16798John JohnstonMCloonacool20:47
17768Paul RooneyMSligo21:05
18724Darren AldridgeM21:08
19714Don DeavyMG C H21:20
20784Brendan TierneyMSligo21:21
21707Ann HunterFDunshaughlin AC21:28
22720Christy O\'MalleyMMayo AC21:29
23767Keith BeirneMMonaseraden21:34
24711Mary McHughFG C H22:06
25713Nicola DeavyFG C H22:29
26726Michael CourellMBallina22:36
27738Brian McIntyreMCloonacool22:41
28799Enda WhelanMSligo22:44
29725Gerard LynchMSligo22:48
30733Ciaran DonnellanMSligo22:57
31794Niall WalshMCloonacool23:01
32753Lorraine HoseyFMullinabreena23:02
33783Stephen GallagherMCloonacool23:04
34705Fergus LeoonardMCloonacool23:05
35712Eve DalyMG C H23:28
36758Paul KilcoyneMCloonacool24:04
37797Paul ReillyMCloonacool24:09
38790Anthoney WalshMCloonacool24:17
39789Jude WalshMCloonacool24:18
40728Sylvia MoriartyFSligo25:10
41701Paul QueenanMCloonacool25:19
42762Ronan LeonardMCloonacool25:23
43704Pat HayesMCloonacool25:27
44770Alan CorcoranMColloney25:32
45775Eoin CartyJCloonacool25:33
46715Sharon DineenFSligo AC25:42
47727Mary QuinnFSligo25:57
48759Art McCarrickMCloonacool26:47
49717Vanessa FoleyF27:18
50739Aidan KilcoyneMCloonacool27:44
51777Kate CartyJCloonacool31:05
52774Tara CartyJCloonacool31:20
53709Aaroon MolyanJCloonacool31:42
54710Rian MolyanJCloonacool31:52
55744Gemma DaveyFTubbercurry31:52
56741Lyndsay BrennanFTubbercurry32:07
57788Catriona MooneyFTourlestrane32:07
58772Joanne KeenanFCloonacool33:28
59751Siobhan BrennanJCloonacool33:42
60776Liam CartyJCloonacool33:44
61732Anna DonnellanFSligo33:53
62735Conor HayesJTullavilla34:27
63749Niall BrennanJCloonacool34:27
64776Lucy RossFCloonacool36:30
65903Michael SeeryMCloonacool36:30