Officers Elected

President: Fr Kevin Johnston, Vice President: Michael Calvey, Patron: Michael Rowley, Chairperson: Fr Dan O’Mahony, Vice Chairperson: Martin Seery, Secretary: Fergus Leonard, Assistant Secretary: Joseph Neary, Treasurer: Neil Walsh, Assistant Treasurer: Art Mc Carrick, PRO: Martin Seery, Assistant PRO: Pat McCarrick, Irish Officer: Ronan Leonard, Insurance Officer: Fergus Leonard, Delegate to Co Board: Fr Dan o’Mahony, Assistant Delegate to Co Board: Michael Armstrong, School’s Officer: Bill Carty, Culture Officer: Fergus Leonard, Coaching Officer: Maurice Conboy, Integration Officer: Bill Carty, Children’s Officer: Bill Carty. Finance Committee: Neil Walsh, Art Mc Carrick, Pat Mc Carrick & Michael Armstrong